Sunday Reads: is marriage work? Mom vote 2012, Paula Deen, being kind online, orange tea lights, poetry

Sunday Reads is back after a holiday- and travel-fueled hiatus. In 2012 I’m striving to become more well-rounded as a reader and blogger, reaching out beyond my usual list of favorite reads and mom-topics to explore blogs and topics that inspire broader thought and discussion. I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s eclectic mix of links, including posts on relationships, politics, health, poetry, crafts and more:

  • Should marriage be “work”? I’ve stated before that I don’t view motherhood as work or a job so much as a relationship that takes effort but delivers much more back in pleasure and satisfaction. Sweetney makes a strong case for the idea that romantic relationships should feel the same. What do you think? If a marriage feels like a lot of hard work, is something amiss?
  • Mom Vote 2012: A look at the GOP candidates. I admit that campaign years make me want to crawl under a rock and emerge sometime after inauguration is over, but as it’s my duty as a citizen to be well-informed about what’s going on, I appreciated this quick summary of the still-standing GOP candidates’ positions and backgrounds. While Joanne aka PunditMom is left-leaning politically, her assessment seems fair and just-the-facts.
  • Paula Deen: Glass Houses. As somebody who has watched with some mix of amusement and horror as Paula Deen fried butter in oil and made “salad” out of saltine crackers and mayonnaise, I have gone back and forth on how I feel about how she announced her diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (in conjunction with a big spokesperson deal with a pharmaceutical company.) Mom blogger Kerri Sparling has type 1 diabetes, so I appreciated her take on the issue.
  • On Self-Googling, Online Anonymity And Simply Being Nice Katie Granju makes a strong case that words have power, whether they’re aimed at celebrities or “regular” people. Can you be critical and still kind, truthful, and fair? I believe so, but more importantly, I think criticism should be used sparingly – when it counts, when it’s needed, and not as sport. Kindness Matters.
  • Orange Votive Tea Light After taking a month-long break from decorating/crafting/baking after the holiday, I’m finally feeling ready to take on a creative project or two. This easy project from Allison at Petit Elefant is just the ticket.
  • an alarm of repetition Did I ever tell you that I once dreamed of being a poet? But that writing poetry felt kind of like ripping open my chest and exposing my deepest heart to the world, and so besides a few verses furtively written and hidden away in a drawer, I’ve never really tried? Yeah, it’s true; in spite of all the publishing I’ve done, I’m too chicken for poetry.  That’s why I’m so impressed with writers like Maggie at Flux Capacitor who put their thoughts, words, and art out there for us to read. Thank you Maggie.

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