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We slept in this morning! Only we didn’t really sleep in, the clock just said we did. Yup, it’s Spring Forward Sunday, which means we are that much closer to actual spring. Woohoo! While we’re still in PJs here (as evidenced from the picture of Clara above) the sun is shining and I’m planning a nice walk later today. If you’re having a nice relaxed day too, I hope you’ll celebrate with the following great reads I’ve hand-picked just for you:

Home & Fun:

How to make butter – BostonMamas. Did you know it’s not hard to make your own butter at home? Like, really really not hard? But what could be more satisfying and Ma Ingalls-y than to tell your family that the butter they’re spreading on those flapjacks (maybe made with seed wheat you ground by hand in the coffee mill – The Long Winter, anyone?) was made in your kitchen? Definitely trying this soon, just for the pioneer-mama fun of it.

5 Ways To Survive Flu Season – Babble Voices. It’s been such a warm and strangely sickness-free season that I’m perversely convinced The Big One (storm or attack of illness) is just waiting to launch a surprise attack. Here are my five favorite products for preventing and surviving flu season.

Making Angry Birds out of clay – Whoorl. Seriously, how cute are these? Here’s the only problem – every time I’ve tried to use Sculpey or another polymer clay, it’s SO stiff and hard that I can’t make it do anything at all. Am I missing some secret? I know my kids would love to make these. Help.

Deep Thoughts:

On Kindness In A Society Of Snarks – Flux Capacitor. Maggie May asks what it is to live a “good” life in a world full of distrust and sarcasm. An excellent read.

Talking about Race – Rage Against The Minivan. Kristen’s leading a very interesting discussion about what it means to talk about and acknowledge race and how we can teach our children the difference between using race as a descriptor and a way to discriminate.

Sweet Stuff:

All too soon, this will pass – Sassafrass. Jessica’s thoughts on receiving perhaps the sweetest love note ever…from her son.

Take Joy – Enjoying The Small Things. Because Kelle’s posts always make me feel good, and this was a particularly lovely one.

Enjoy these reads, and the rest of your weekend. I’ll see you bright and early with some Mindful Monday motivation.

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