Sunday Reads: homemade soap, why kids don’t play outside, kabob marinade, the gifts of sponsoring a child, Michigan love

Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday! The weather has finally cooled off a bit here, so I’m planning to spend the rest of the day enjoying the outdoors. I hope you enjoy this list of links I’ve pulled together for you this week!

  • 14 Fresh Homemade Soap Recipes – Tip Junkie. I am a serious soap lover, and have been dreaming about making my own homemade soaps for over a decade. But I’ve always had multiple little kids underfoot, and I’m a klutz, so the idea of working with lye has scared me off. But this fall four of my five kids will be at school all day, and Clara’s old enough to sit at the table and color for a few minutes while I’m using noxious ingredients. I think perhaps I’ll indulge my soap lust this autumn – and this super-comprehensive list of tutorials and recipes is just the inspiring place to start!
  • Where have all the outdoor kids gone? – Sweetney and Spice. As somebody who bemoans the fear-and-video-game-fueled mass generational movement indoors, Tracey’s post made me chuckle (and shake my head sadly while vowing to do a better job getting my own kids out the door!)
  • The personal gifts of sponsoring a child – Rage Against The Minivan. I admit that I have shied away from sponsoring a child recently because I am overwhelmed by the number of organizations offering sponsorship and trying to figure out which ones use their resources in the best ways, but Kristen’s post is definitely inspiring me to get to the important part: helping.
  • Kabob marinade recipe – AllRecipes. If you want to make Kabobs (or is that Kebabs?) like the ones we had yesterday (above), try this marinade recipe on the meat. It’s pretty close to the one my husband improvised (which he now cannot remember exactly).
  • Michigan, Chock-Full – Enjoying The Small Things. As an almost lifelong Michigander (with a few short detours along the way) I just had to share Kelle’s lovely ode to her original home state, Michigan. Don’t just listen to what they say on the news about the economy and Detroit. This is Michigan through the eyes of those of us who know and love it.

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