Sunday Reads: healthy summer snacking, Henry’s Fund, cucumber-lime spritzer, 3-minute sorbet

It’s the first weekend of summer break for our family, and so far the weekend (as well as last weekend…) has been all about hanging out with family and friends ’round these parts. But it’s back to some semblance of a routine today, with a meal plan to make, Mad Men to watch tonight, and of course, blog posts to read. Here are a few gems I bookmarked this week:

  • Smart Snacking for Summer – {Aimee at SimpleBites.} We’re getting our first CSA share this Wednesday, and I need some inspiration for what to do with all that produce! Aimee’s post is loaded with great ideas for fruit-and-veggie based snacks. (Plus, I just have to say that I love that Aimee has a Clara, too!)
  • Henry’s Fund Auction – {MamaPundit}.  It’s been two years since Katie Granju lost her son Henry. Now thanks to Henry’s Fund you can remember Henry and help other young addicts get the help they need.
  • Cucumber Lime Spritzer Drink – {Petit Elefant}. Have you ever been at a spa or salon where they serve up that yummy, refreshing cucumber water? This is like that, but with a fizzy kick.
  • 3-Minute Strawberry Sorbet – {Frugal Mama} – Another great way to stay cool this summer!

How’s your weekend been? Read (or write) any great blog posts lately?

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