Sunday Reads: flying with kids, homemade butterbeer, single mom fun, free at-home learning activities, and more

Another beautiful weekend here in Michigan. I hope you’re enjoying the first official week of summer as much as we are!

I’ve got a bunch of great links for you this week encompassing food and fun. Here goes:


11 Tips for Surviving Air Travel with Kids – Frugal Mama. For those of us heading off further than a road trip this summer!

Homemade Butterbeer Lattes – Mom Advice. Ever since we visited Harry Potter World at Universal Studios a couple years ago, my kids have been obsessed with butterbeer. Definitely trying this one!

Hello, Gorgeous – Sassafrass. Those of you who are single mamas, take note! My friend and Happiest Mom contributor Jessica Ashley has started a fun new video series you’ll love.

Summer Brain Games – Museum of Science and Industry. MSI is one of our family’s favorite places to go when we’re in Chicago, so I was thrilled to have them as a Happiest Mom sponsor this month. Right now they’re offering a fantastic FREE resource – eight weeks of summertime learning activities you can do at home with your kids, using simple everyday materials. If you register, you’ll receive four free passes to the Museum of Science and Industry, and one participant will win a year-long family membership to MSI each week. Seriously, click over and register! Right now!


Homemade Pudding Pops – Christine Koh for Stonyfield Farms. Definitely need to put “make frozen treats” on my summer to-do list.

Grilled Fruit Salad with Lime – SimpleBites. Grilled fruit? Yum. I’m always on the lookout for salad ideas in the summer, and I’ll definitely be making this one!


Nursery makeover – by Erin from Design for Minikind. Since we lived in a small one-bedroom apartment when our first child was born and our kids have been compelled to share rooms since, none of my babies ever had a real nursery. But Erin’s beautiful design was a pleasure to watch anyway.

Painted Porch Rug – Decorating Your Way. Our front porch floor is in pretty rough shape, but this too-cool zigzag paint job has me dreaming about a brush-up. I put this under “fantasy” because I’m not sure I have accurate enough drawing skills to pull off a Chevron pattern. Hmm, maybe something more random?

Enjoy, and I hope you’re having a great weekend

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