Sunday Reads: DIY beauty, shopping without spending, FLOR rugs, political ambitions, birthday treats

Happy Sunday! It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here, and we’re heading out to the local Home & Garden show shortly (anyone else love home shows? I’ve been in love with them since the first one I attended when I was eight years old.) I haven’t done much reading during this beautiful weekend, but I did spot a few great posts for your pleasure:

Fun: DIY yogurt mask – Petit Elefant. In my younger years my friends and I used to regularly have “spa nights” where we’d whip up a bunch of beauty concoctions and do our toenails. I’m thinking I need to bring this tradition back.

Frugal Living: Want to shop a lot without spending a lot? Collect something small and useful – FrugalMama. Similar to my antiquing rule of only buying things I can use immediately or that I absolutely LOVE. It makes shopping a fun adventure that’s just as much about the thrill of the hunt as the purchase…in fact, often I buy nothing at all.

Functional (and pretty!): Check out Tracey’s FLOR rug. I’ve been admiring these carpet tiles from afar for years but absolutely love what she’s done with them in her kitchen. I’m thinking they could work great under my dining-room table…

Female ambition: If you’ve ever thought about running for political office (whether Senate or your local school board) you might be interested in this video featuring PunditMom, all about why more women don’t run for office (and why they should!)

Food and family: My latest Babble Voices post shares 5 creative birthday treats for sloppy moms (you know, those of us without much artistic ability.) The rainbow cakes pictured above (hat tip to MomAdvice) were Clara’s birthday treat, and inspired the post. As evidence of my sloppy-ness, we forgot to layer the colors properly (i.e. with the secondary colors in between the primary colors). Guess it’s more of a “stripe cake” than a “rainbow”…but it’s still cute, eh?

That’s it for today – I’m off to enjoy the sun! Feel free to share any great stuff you’ve read recently in the comments.

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