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Photo: tufted titmouse by Ken Thomas at Mass Audubon

How’s your weekend going? It’s been a lovely and relaxing one here. I’m visiting my sister for the weekend but still managed to catch a handful of blog gems for your enjoyment:

Bird Watching for Beginners – BostonMamas. I have always had a thing for birds in nature. (Not inside houses – that gives me the willies.) I love poring over Audubon prints, and this time of year, the singing of birds outside my bedroom window makes getting up early a lot more tolerable. So I was excited to see this post featuring beautiful bird photos and easy instruction for getting to know some of our feathered friends.

You Waxed Your What? – Allison from Petit Elefant, for BabyCenter. Whenever I hear a description of a Brazilian wax procedure, I cringe. When I read Allison’s hilarious post, I laughed…and still cringed. Too funny not to share.

Forward, Onward, Upward – Sweetney. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and Tracey captured its essence in this raw post about closing the door on her former marriage and move on.

A Slant of Sun – Flux Capacitor. “I have always wanted to be a hard worker, an unselfish, generous, loyal, unconditionally loving person; I guess I expected this to happen through divine intervention. Instead, it’s happening through mothering my children.” I can’t sum up Maggie’s poignant, touching and oh so true piece of writing any better except to say: go read it.

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That’s it for this week! Have a great Sunday and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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