Sunday Reads: African violet parenting, The Babble 100, fall soup recipes, simple birthday ideas, and more!

sunday reads

Happy Sunday, all! If you missed it, last week we announced that we’re bringing back Sunday Reads – a weekly roundup of things that inspire and inform. We love discovering new blogs and bloggers, too, so if you know one – or are one! – leave us a note in the comments!

Here are a few links we enjoyed this week:

And if you want to follow Sarah and me around other parts of the online world, here are some places we’ve been featured lately:

Speaking of Babble, this year readers can nominate their favorite blogs for The Babble 100. If the The Happiest Home is one of your go-to sites for home and family inspiration, would you consider nominating us? Thanks!

What did you read – or write! – this week that was inspiring, funny, helpful or interesting? We’d love to hear!

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