Sunday Reads: adoptive families, world travel, does modern motherhood undermine women?

thanks, honey.

Happy Sunday! I’m in a thoughtful kind of mood this weekend, so I’ve been seeking out meaty posts to read. Here are three of my favorites from the past week to get you thinking this Sunday:

  • Crossing Borders – Sassafrass. Loved Jessica’s story about the adventure abroad she’s planning at 40 – and how different it will be from the one she took at 22.
  • The Conflict – Katie Allison Granju for Slate. Everyone’s talking about Elizabeth Bandinter’s new book The Conflict, which blames female oppression on breastfeeding and co-sleeping. In her usual thoughtful style, Katie makes an excellent argument that it’s way more complicated than that – and that mother-bashing isn’t the answer.
  • Adoptive families are not controversial – Rage Against the Minivan. When a blogger contest removed its Adoptive Parents category, deeming adoption a “controversial” issue, Kristen set the story straight.

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