Sunday Morning Tea: reliving childhood at the roller rink, plus good reads

roller skating with Clara

I’m writing this Saturday evening at 6 PM, and I’m already in my pajamas.

Why? Well, I’m pooped, because I spent about an hour and a half tooling around on roller skates this afternoon.

Owen and William have been asking for the last couple of years to have a joint birthday party at some kind of venue – the gymnastics facility, the laser tag place, a bounce house, you know, all the kinds of places I like to avoid when possible – but we’ve always steered them back toward a sleepover at our house. It’s cheaper and easier…at least, it was, when the boys’ good friends mostly consisted of a few sibling groups. Two or three phone calls to other moms, and we’d have a party!

But things are changing, as they do when kids get older. They still have the same core group of buddies, but have added on more friends to the point where a sleepover started to sound downright unmanageable. Plus, as much as I think the whole rent-a-venue kids’ party thing can get overblown at times, as the date approached this year I had to admit that it sounded awfully nice just to show up somewhere, spend a couple of hours in the chaos, and then go home to a quiet, not-partied-in house.

So we went to the roller rink, another place I’ve been avoiding for years. 

And I had a blast. 

Yes, it was loud, and yes, it was crazy, and yes, we had a lot of kids – 11 total – to keep track of. But I decided, instead of hanging out on the sidelines, I was going to put on some skates and hit the rink. What fun! I haven’t been on actual roller skates since I was a kid, but the moment I laced them up I felt like it was just last week that I was cruising around and around to a Tiffany tune, wondering if any boy would choose me for the couple’s skate.

Luckily, I never had to worry about not having a hand to hold, since Jon skated, too. And Clara, awkward and slow as her little legs were. And there were many opportunities to reach out a hand to one of the boys’ friends who needed a little help getting off the wall or up from the floor. 

But mostly I just sailed around, trying to put a little rhythm in my roll, probably looking goofy for all to see. And not caring even a little – I was just having too much fun.

I’m thinking roller skating might have a in our regular future.

Sometimes it’s easy to stay home, to steer the kids away from the places that are sure to be loud and messy and sticky and chaotic and juvenile. And yet, whenever I say ‘yes’ to doing something outside of my grown-up comfort zone, I’m almost always glad I did. Sometimes all it takes to feel a little like a kid again is to let yourself be one for a little while…even if it’s just by lacing up some skates and rolling out into the rink.

sunday reads

As usual, Sarah and I pulled together a handful of links we think you might like to read this week. Hope you enjoy!

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