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Hi all. It’s been quiet here, hasn’t it? Over the weekend both Sarah and I traveled to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta. I was there as a speaker, an attendee, and also on behalf of #TalkEarly and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR), who sponsored the conference with the mission of inspiring conversations about underage drinking between parents and kids.

Friday morning, I was happy to share the stage with fellow #TalkEarly bloggers Leticia Barr and Stacey Ferguson as the three of us shared posts we’ve written on behalf of #TalkEarly for Mom 2.0 attendees.

I was up to read first, but we kicked off the presentation with this video.

So of course, I was pretty choked up by the time I took the stage! But I was excited to share my piece with the audience, because my experience with the “mom’s drinking room” really got me thinking both about the messages I indirectly communicate to my children about alcohol and drinking via my actions and offhand comments, as well as how I need to be also thinking about directly delivering those messages in context with the words I use. 

From the piece: 

My daughter Clara must have gotten wise to the fact that the bar area is where the grownups share juicy conversation, because the last time I was at my sister’s house, chatting in the bar area with a couple of other women, she sneaked in behind me…and hid.

We walked back out a few minutes later, not realizing she was in there, and shut the door…and Clara couldn’t get it open. A few minutes later we heard her frantic knocking and opened the door, at which point she ran out, threw her arms around my legs, and shrieked “I got TRAPPED in the MOMS DRINKING ROOM!”

You can read the whole essay here. 

The highlight of my Mom 2.0 experience was definitely attending the Iris Awards, the first-ever industry awards ceremony dedicated to parenting bloggers and online content creators. The awards show was so well-done: glamorous, inspiring, and followed by a killer after-party. Even better? I was there not only as an attendee, but as a nominee in the “best sponsored content” category for my work with #TalkEarly! 

iris awards 3.jpg

Yes, thats Sarah and I glamming it up on the red carpet!


You can see a list of all the winners here on Cool Mom Picks. I was so proud of them all, and there was a lot of frantic clapping on my part.

The Mom 2.0 experience was as awesome as ever this year: professionally inspiring and motivating, and a ridiculous amount of fun – particularly having Sarah as a roommate.

And I was honored to attend on behalf of FAAR and #TalkEarly, because everywhere I went, I could hear the discussion we’d started on Friday morning spreading. I hope that conversation will catch on in homes everywhere, too. Because when it comes to helping kids make healthy choices, both what we do and what we say matters.

So if you’re wondering how to start a conversation with your children about alcohol and underage drinking, I hope the video above will inspire you.

Why not try starting with “hello?”

I’m proud to represent FAAR as a compensated ambassador for the #TalkEarly campaign. 

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