Something new: A Happiest Mom community

The comments over the last week’s posts have been so insightful and great, and really post-worthy in and of themselves. I’ve been playing around with BlogFrog for a while, and had created a community but then took it down because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. But it seems The Happiest Mom BlogFrog Community could be a valuable tool for those of you who’ve liked something you’ve read, hated something you’ve read, or simply want to expand on an idea of your own, ask a question or start a conversation. So I’ve put the community widget back in my sidebar, and I’m going to start a few discussions there and see what happens. Please feel free to jump in, start your own topic, ask a question or even suggest future topics. I look forward to connecting with you at whichever place works best for you–or both here AND there!

My first discussion came straight out of the comments section on my last post (thanks Lylli!) Judgment: Does it come from others? Or does it come from within?


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