Our Magic Kingdom fireworks “Story”

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Like most moms I know, my smart phone is full of photos. But I’ve never been as good at some moms are about sharing those photos. I think it’s because, as a writer at heart, I have a hard time with the old adage, “A picture is worth 1000 words.”  On the contrary, I never feel like a single image tells the whole story!

As much fun as it is to snap and share a quick Instagram pic, I have sometimes felt frustrated that I couldn’t simultaneously share the other moments that make up the whole story of, say, my daughter blowing out her birthday candles or my son riding his bike for the first time.

So I’m really excited to be trying out the new Story app created by Disney. It allows you to capture several pictures in one place, add text, and easily share with friends, family and your social networks.

Since the app is from Disney, I thought it would be appropriate for my very first Story to be of our trip to Disney last week.

My husband and I and our two sons were invited to attend an event sponsored by Hanes (which I’ll write more about later) and the first night we got there, it turned out the Magic Kingdom was open until 1 AM. We got into the park, rode a few rides, and made it to Fantasyland just as the fireworks were about to begin.

Sitting next to Owen I surreptitiously snapped a few photos of him reacting to the amazing display, set to a Disney soundtrack (yes, I got teary-eyed.) His features perfectly captured the magic of the moment!

I put the Story together in bed that night – the app is really easy to use, all drag-and-drop and very intuitive, even for this app-challenged gal.

Check it out, try out the Story app (it’s free!), and let me know what you think!

You can also find out more about Story here:


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