VIDEO: Organize your freezer in time for the summer harvest!


This time of year, my freezer starts to need a good cleaning. All the CSA fruits and veggies I froze last summer and fall are pretty much used up by now, and after a winter’s worth of kids pulling stuff out and jamming it back in wherever it fits, it’s looking pretty messy.

For my latest video sponsored by ConAgra Foods, I decided to overhaul and organize my freezer, get it ready for a new harvest, and set up a system that will hopefully encourage the rest of the family to keep it neat and tidy.

Some notes about what I used to organize my freezer: 

  • The bins and baskets came from Meijer. I found the plastic bins in the kitchen department – they are called Binz and there were different sizes and shapes for refrigerator, freezer and pantry storage. I bought a whole bunch of them to bring home and experiment with different layouts, and then returned the ones I didn’t need. I also found that the ones labeled for ‘freezer’ didn’t always fit in my older, top-freezer model while some of the ones marked for “pantry” use did. The binz cost between $8 and $14 each depending on the size. The blue wire baskets were in the home/office organization section and were $4.99 on clearance. I’m glad I grabbed those because they fit perfectly into the open space next to the two larger bins. 
  • The labels are from the Martha Stewart line at Staples. I bought a few packages on a whim a year ago because I loved the colors, and I use them all the time – in the kitchen, in my office and all over the house.

This project only took me about twenty minutes, and now I’ve got a nice, tidy freezer that’s got plenty of room (especially after I tossed that freezer-burned meat), and bonus – it’s still organized two weeks later.

I’ll probably have to do some re-organizing when I start loading it up with fresh produce later this summer, but I can always swap the labels out and re-arrange bins as needed.

Oh! And, we recently moved so here’s your first sneak peek at my new kitchen. Our current appliances are older and not as nice as our old ones, but the kitchen layout and cabinet space is SO much better (though you can’t really see it in this video – I’ll be sharing more views in future posts.)

Hope you enjoy the video and that it inspires you to get your own freezer in shape for summer!


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