On finding the beauty in the unexpected: my interview with “Bloom” author and blogger Kelle Hampton

Okay, this is exciting: Finally, after some six-odd years of saying “I should really do a podcast…”, well – I’ve recorded a podcast.

And not just any podcast. My first attempt in this medium is an interview with blogger and author Kelle Hampton. In the recording Kelle and I talked about her daughter Nella’s surprise diagnosis with Down syndrome at birth,  the unfair suspicion sometimes aimed at positive mom bloggers, and more.

I read Bloom: Finding Beauty In The Unexpected over the weekend and could not put it down. It’s a riveting story, and Kelle is just as warm and real in the book as she is in her blog and in real life. Plus, she’s a darn good writer. I invite you to read an excellent review of Bloom by blogger Devon Barta over at my Babble blog,

But first, won’t you listen to my very first podcast? True, the audio isn’t perfect, and I’m working through some beginner mistakes (umm, did I really say “umm” that many times?) But I had so much fun recording this one, and am hoping to make podcasts a regular feature in the future.

Also, to celebrate Mother’s Day I’ll be featuring several more mother-authors and writers over the next two weeks, so I hope you’ll check back often to hear from them, too.

Okay, enough nervous rambling. Please listen to my interview with Kelle Hampton (it’s a great way to keep you company while you fix lunch or dinner) and tell me what you think!

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