My recipe for an un-busy summer evening

There’s been a lot of talk about “busy-ness” in the blogosphere over the last week (which I will address in detail in a future post!)

But what I love about summer is that it feels like an excuse not to be busy. We do a lot of hanging out, usually with my brother, his wife Jenna and their three kids. In fact, I think we may have perfected the art of the un-busy, laid-back summer evening. Here’s my “recipe”:

Step 1: Find a comfy lounge chair and a magazine.

Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens are my go-to mags for outdoor summer reading.

Step 2: Sprinkle in cute kids.

my niece Ruby. Yes, the family resemblance is strong.

Step 3. Add water.

Owen, sunning himself after a belly flop into the wading pool

Step 4: Blend in washable toys.

sorry, Rainbow Dash.

Step 5: Toss with inexpensive, in-season, grill-friendly foods.

our first attempt at grilling pizza outdoors. Easy and yummy.

thank you, CSA!

spinach, basil, red pepper and mozzarella

Step 6: Serve kids, serve yourself, sit back and enjoy.

just make sure you brought napkins.

What’s your recipe for a laid-back summer evening?

Check back on Monday, when I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the pursuit of “busy” and tips for how to keep your life from being overrun by activity and commitments. Until then, I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!


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