My favorite Happiest Mom posts (an outsider-turned-insider’s perspective)

This post is by Sarah Powers, Happiest Mom contributor and Managing Editor, and blogger at Powers of Mine.

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When I came on as Managing Editor here at The Happiest Mom a few months ago, I was already a big fan of Meagan and the blog. I’d been a regular reader here for a couple of years, I read Meagan’s book when it came out in 2011, and later that year I was lucky enough to be in a small group online writing class she taught.

As a reader, what kept me coming back to this space was just how helpful I found the content to be. And not just in an instructive, “10 Easy Dinners for Less than $5” or “How to Potty Train Your Child” kind of way (though Meagan certainly has the chops and experience to be super helpful in many of those areas), but also in a “Wow, I love that way of looking at it” kind of way. I was drawn to Meagan’s writing because it was commonsense and practical, inclusive and non-judgmental, thoughtful and uplifting.

Now I’m on the other side…sort of.

In my role as editor I get to work with the diverse and really talented guest writers we’ve been featuring lately, I get to brainstorm with Meagan about the kind of content that will best serve you, our readers, and I get to contribute to the blog myself. (Can we just pause for a sec while I pinch myself? Because, yeah. It’s been awesome.) And while 90% of the posts in the Happiest Mom archives pre-date my involvement, I can’t help but feel some pride in being associated with them.

And yet, at the same time, I’m still a reader first. I cried with many of you at Meagan’s post last week about experiencing the joy of The Nutcracker just hours after news broke out of Newtown. I continue to find posts from our archives that are relevant to my life. I may be on “the inside” now, but I read our posts like many of you do – for a dose of real life, common sense and inspiration delivered gently and relatably from someone I genuinely like and admire.

So as we approach a New Year I thought I’d take you back into the Happiest Mom archives from this outsider-turned-insider perspective and share some of my favorite posts. Some of these have stayed with me since the first time I read them, and others have surfaced as new favorites as I’ve gotten to know our content better. Some are among our most popular posts ever, and others are a little more obscure. Whether you’re a new reader here or a longtime fan of Meagan’s, I hope you’ll find something in this list that resonates to what’s going on in your life as a mom these days.

(Oh! And if you have any topics you’d love to have us cover in 2013, be sure to leave us a note in the comments. I happen to know the editor.)

My favorite Happiest Mom posts: an outsider-turned-insider’s perspective (in no particular order)

…on personal and professional inspiration: What every mom with a dream needs: encouragement

…on shiny teakettles and little things that make us happy: Why do I hire help? Because I want to, that’s why.

…on being intentional about building your tribe: Five secrets to building a social life as a mom

…on creating a home and neighborhood for kids to be kids: 6 ways to encourage free play, create stronger communities, and raise safer kids

…on getting dinner on the table without reinventing the wheel: The Six-Meal Shuffle: Extremely Simplified Meal-Planning

…on being worth it: shopping, showers & self-sacrifice: the lesson of the blue dress

…on losing the labels: On labels and limits: why I no longer call myself an “attachment parent”

…on family dinners being functional, not perfect: What my mom taught me about getting dinner on the table

…on being okay with our choices: Homeschool, public school, private? Education choices and the ideal mother

…on not changing who you are: The mom you are is the mom your children need.

…on vulnerability: What’s your parenting Achilles’ heel?

Do you have any favorite Happiest Mom posts? Anything you’d like to see us cover in the coming year?

Photo: Terence S. Jones on Flickr, via Creative Commons license

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