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The Kitchen Hour

Last week I promised to give you more information about my new project, The Kitchen Hour. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but I’m just too excited to keep you all hanging (and plus, I promised!). So without letting the cat all the way out of the bag, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

I’ve already told you how much practicing a regular “kitchen hour” has helped make my evenings run more smoothly while getting dinner on the table and spending time with my family a lot more enjoyable. Now, I want to help you set aside time for your own Kitchen “Hour”, whatever that looks like in your house: whether it’s actually 30 minutes a night, an hour a couple of times a week, or a few hours strung together on the weekend, The Kitchen Hour will help keep you entertained and inspired. How?

  • Weekly podcasts. Each week I’ll put out a 45-60 minute podcast to keep you company while you’re in the kitchen. You can listen to it all at once or break it into chunks to keep you all week. I’ve got one heck of a line-up of interviews coming, including Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, Melissa d’Arabian from the Food Network, Kelle Hampton of Enjoying The Small Things, Tsh Oxenreider of and much much much more awesomeness.
  • Blog posts sharing grocery-shopping and meal-planning strategies, recipes, getting-dinner-on-the-table-tips, and ideas.
  • Videos detailing basic cooking techniques to help less-than-confident cooks get started. Remember, I’m not a cooking “expert”; just a somewhat-klutzy mom who is still learning, by trial and error, how to get around the kitchen. In other words: if I can figure out how to make a roast, bake bread, or whip up some spaghetti sauce in a pinch, believe me, so can you.
  • Community to keep all of us inspired, informed, and on track.

How you decide to enact your own “Kitchen Hour” is up to you. Just think of me as your friendly host, giving you a little nudge to get started (especially on those days when you’d rather just order pizza) and keeping you company in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Hour will be officially ready to launch very soon!If you want to be sure to hear from me when it’s ready, just sign up for the email list below. This won’t subscribe you to blog posts, but will add you to the email list so that I can let you know when The Kitchen Hour is ready for you to check out.

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Can’t wait to share the whole vision with you when I’m ready to unveil! As always, thank you for your support.

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