Are today’s parents too photo-happy?

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You know what I get a little tired of sometimes? Criticism of “today’s parents.” We’re too permissive, too protective, too anxious, and the list goes on.

I’m sure every generation of parents has been accused of being “too” something or other, and while I know our generation isn’t perfect, when I look around me I see a lot of moms and dads doing the best they can – and doing a pretty good job, at that.

Of course, one of the latest accusations is that we take too many pictures.

I remember when I started having kids 15 years ago, before the dawn of iPhones and before digital photography had really become mainstream, worrying that I wasn’t taking enough photos. How quickly things change!

On Babble today, in a post sponsored by Disney Story, I wrote about the “parents take too many photos!” criticism and why I don’t buy it. I also shared why part of me wishes my mom had access to some of the technology we have now:

In those days, the average parent posed the kids by a monument or arranged them in front of the scenery, cajoled the obligatory smile, and then snapped the photo. After all, with only 24 pictures to the average roll of film, who – besides actual photographers, mind you – was going to experiment with action shots, mom-and-kid selfies or 2-3 “just in case” shots of the same pose?…

…I wonder how many moments of my mom’s and mine – like this one my daughter and I recently shared – have been lost forever to time.

Please read the post and then let me know what you think! Do you see parents around you taking too many pictures? Do you ever wish your own parents had had access to the kinds of technology we do today?

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