mini-resolution: unpack.

I’m back from our trip, and am now trying to re-adjust to the cold, Eastern time zone, and living in a house full of kids and all the related messes and noises. Funny how difficult re-entry can be even after just a few days away.

Often I try to avoid embracing the “coming home” process by putting off unpacking as long as I can. Or I’ll unpack half the stuff, leaving the suitcase full of shoes or toiletries or something else I don’t want to deal with. Then I’ve got a suitcase cluttering up my bedroom for days or can’t find my contact solution because it’s still packed away… somewhere.

As is true with most tasks, putting off or avoiding unpacking just makes it longer and a much bigger hassle in the end.

But since this month is all about mini-resolutions – small, doable activities I can commit to without a lot of time or prep – I’m resolving not to put it off this time, but to completely unpack before I go to bed tonight. I’ll dump all the dirty clothes directly in the wash (but not my new bras!. Hang that which needs to be hung. Put shoes and belts in the closet. Jewelry back on the hooks in the jewelry tree. I’m guessing it’ll take all of 15 minutes, and I’ll feel so much better – and more ready to face Real Life again – when it’s all put away.

Are you an unpacking procrastinator like me? Maybe you’ve still got remnants of a recent trip in the bottom of your suitcase. Maybe you unpacked but never actually moved the suitcase out of your bedroom. Maybe you tossed your jewelry on top of your dresser but didn’t put it away, or never took your toiletries out of your overnight kit. Or maybe you haven’t gone anywhere lately, but have a diaper bag, purse or day-trip bag that needs to be emptied out. Why not take care of it today?

I’ll be focusing on “home” for the rest of the week and unpacking will give me (and hopefully you!) a nice clean slate to start with. Let me know some home-oriented mini-resolutions you’d like to make this week!

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