mini-resolution: to work better, play more

Anyone ever notice that sometimes, the longer you stare at a blank computer screen trying to conjure up the perfect blog post, or the harder you try to force yourself to tackle that pile of dishes, or the more you keep telling yourself you really must run three miles before breakfast…well, the harder it can feel to do those things?

I’m guilty of sometimes forgetting that my life does go beyond home, work, and family – and that sometimes, to be effective as a mother and writer and homemaker and all those other things, I have to indulge my creative side. I’m not talking about my “inner child” – she gets plenty of exercise playing tea party and talking about Skylanders these days – but my inner creative grown-up, the one who’s into books and music and great TV shows and goes to the movies and once in a while, wanders around a museum alone, just to discover something for herself.

It’s easy to put that stuff off because it seems so…non-necessary. But I know that when I work that part of my brain – which has a tendency to get a little dusty – it reflects in everything else I do. The more I have to think about, the more I have to write about. The more interesting I am as a mom. The easier it is to deal with the not-so-creative parts of being an adult and running a household: the diapers, the dishes.

So today I made it my mini-resolution to play…like a grown-up. I listened to fun music (okay, it was Ice Cube) while I ran on the treadmill at the Y. I took some time to get lost in a book on my Kindle while Clara was napping, instead of cleaning the living room or returning emails. I went out for a drink and some great conversation with my brother this evening.

No matter how dedicated I am to my life’s work – both writing and motherhood – it can’t be all that I am. But when I invest even a little time in creativity and fun and entertainment, I always feel more energized about the things that are most important to me.

How about you? Have you taken time to indulge your creative, fun side lately?

Speaking of fun…anyone else totally obsessed with Downton Abbey?


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