mini-resolution: throw away all those empty bottles

empty shampoo bottles

Today in the shower I tried – for about the 15th time this month – to get shampoo out of a bottle that no longer contains any shampoo. And then I set that bottle back down on the ledge where it fell off half a dozen times and I had to keep picking it back up and putting it in some other place where it wouldn’t slip and fall. Not a tragedy, but definitely annoying and frustrating.

And then it occurred to me: this is exactly the kind of thing mini-resolutions are for!

Not big sweeping life changes, but getting on top of some of those little sloppy things that you never get around to taking care of because they usually don’t command your attention long enough. They’re dealt with quickly and forgotten…until you find yourself trying to squeeze shampoo out of an empty bottle for the 16th time this month. No huge deal, but annoying and messy and the kind of thing that sucks up your energy in teeny sips rather than one big slurp. Almost unnoticed, but draining either way.

So today, my mini-resolution is: toss all those empty or so-close-to-empty-they-might-as-well-be-empty bottles.

In the shower. In my medicine cabinet. Under the kitchen sink. In the laundry room.

I’m guessing this job will take all of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, tops. But how much mental energy will I gain by getting rid of all those empties cluttering up my path?

And how nice will it be to grab the right shampoo bottle in the shower tomorrow?

What is your mini-resolution for the day? Have any empty bottles cluttering up your shower? Why not take a minute to give ’em the heave-ho?

For the next three weeks, I’m making mini-resolutions: small, simple improvements in different areas of my life. This week I’m focusing on “home”. I hope you’ll join me!



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