mini-resolution: put away the last of the holiday decorations

After a flurry of post-Christmas un-decorating, I ran out of steam…and the job never got quite finished. Rubbermaid containers sit, waiting to be taken to the basement. Several ornaments I found under the sofa are now sitting on an end table waiting to be dealt with. The faux mistletoe is still hanging in the dining room, waiting for kissers. And I’ve sort of trained my eye not to notice those things anymore. How many times do I have to walk past the empty creche before I pick it up and put it in a box, already? So far I would estimate about 78.

So today, my mini-resolution is to finish what I started and get the Christmas decorations put away. I’m leaving out the winter stuff, like evergreen branches and our front-door wreath, for a couple more months –  but anything that’s decidedly Christmas has got to go. It’s time to really embrace January and make room for new seasons!

(On that note, I wrote at Babble about why I’m not decorating for Valentine’s Day. I need a holiday break.)

Does anyone else still have signs of Christmas or another long-past holiday hanging around the house? Join me in putting it away today! Or come up with your own mini-resolution: a small, simple activity you can do to improve your life a little today.

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