Mini-resolution: make some wildly improbable goals

I have so loved sharing my mini-resolutions with you all for the last few weeks. Whether it’s making a phone call I’ve been putting off or upgrading my family’s dinnertime conversation, I’ve found that focusing on one simple thing at a time really takes the pressure off while still helping me feel productive.

So far I’ve set mini-resolutions having to do with myself, my home, and my family. This week, I’m concentrating on work and passions. To me, that means both paid work and unpaid work – including the work of raising kids and running a household – as well as hobbies that inspire us or maybe aspirations that are currently just fantasies and could use a little nurturing to sprout. I encourage you to focus on your work and your passions this week and make some mini-resolutions with me!

In early January I posted about author and life coach Martha Beck’s advice that we embrace Wildly Improbable Goals (WIGs) – that once you put a goal, no matter how far-fetched it seems, out there, things happen. Friends and acquaintances help push you in the direction you want to go. You feel more accountable. The Wildly Improbable Goal just feels more…probable. Even if you don’t end up actually meeting that specific WIG quickly, you may find that setting the goal moves you much more quickly in that direction than you thought.

For example, in early 2011 I set the Wildly Improbable Goal of starring in my own TV show. Well, no, that didn’t happen within a year, but I was on national TV, started dabbling in producing videos at home, and came up with a Big Idea involving video that I’m working on now and hope to launch this spring. And I believe it all started with naming that WIG.

Whether it’s your professional life, education, or concentrating on the work of home and family, I think most of us have a big dream or two hidden away. Maybe we don’t want to share it because it seems crazily ambitious, or we’re worried people will think it’s silly. So I’ll go first: my 2012 Wildly Improbable Goal is to get on the New York Times bestseller list. Writing that out makes me feel slightly nauseous, so I’m pretty sure I’m on the right path.

Do you have a Wildly Improbable Goal – for this year or something longer-term, when the kids are older? Please share – anonymously if you prefer! 

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