mini-resolution: drop a few things from my to-do list

In the nearly four weeks since I began my series of mini-resolutions, I’ve made dozens of small, simple steps to improve my home, nurture my family, care for myself, and support my work and passions. Today is my last day of mini-resolutions, inspired by a post I wrote almost exactly one year ago called “Do Fewer Things. Do Them Better.”

From the post:

I think of myself as somebody who likes to have a lot of options, even though I generally end up feeling overwhelmed by them in the end. Or disappointed. I’m thinking of the last time I went to one of those all-you-can-eat buffet chain restaurants and was dazzled by the spectacle of food options in front of me. Fifteen minutes and one upset stomach later, I realized it was pointless to have so many food options in the buffet when none of them were worth eating…

The truth is, every day brings with it plenty of opportunities for us to do better–not perfect, but better–at small, familiar things instead of chasing down the next new thing that will “make” us more: fulfilled, successful, better parents, more in shape. The more I try to do everything, the more elaborate a schedule I cook up–the more I slack off, drop the ball, leave things hanging. Because I can’t do everything and do it well. So-

Do fewer things.

Do them better.

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As I enter a busy season of the year – conferences, deadlines, opportunities, events – I’m trying to remember that nobody can do it all, and that sometimes the best thing I can do for my business, my home, my family, and my self is to just do less.

So today’s mini-resolution is to take a hard look at the commitments, obligations, activities and possibilities on my to-do list, to-dream list, and calendar, and make some choices. It’s the time of year that my calendar could use some pruning. How about yours?

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