Mindful Monday: Workin' on my fitness

Finally, some progress on my last two weeks’ Mindful Monday! My pantry is re-organized and I’m close to having a solution for my entryway. I’ll keep plugging along – and share some pictures, of course – but in the meanwhile it’s time to move on to this week’s Mindful Monday:

WHO: Me.

WHAT: Start exercising again!

WHY: After pledging to take better care of myself last spring, I did pretty well with walking regularly and eating well during the first half of the summer. But toward the end of the summer I got a little sluggish…and now that it’s fall, all I want to do is bake, eat, and nest. Plus my toddler weaned last spring, which always leads to an automatic ten-pound weight gain for me. The result? None of last year’s clothes fit…and not only that, I’m stiff and weak. I actually wrenched my back picking up my friend’s two-year-old son the other day. Yikes! I’m not old enough to have a bad back!

HOW: Just like anything else I want to do, I know the key to getting my body shaped up is setting aside time, having a plan, and making a commitment. I have realized that as much as I love yoga, it’s very hard for me to commit to 90 minute long classes plus getting-there time, so I’m going to make attending yoga class a bonus: if I have time for it, great; if not, I can’t let that derail my whole plan. On the other hand, I’ll do almost anything for 20 minutes. And 20 minutes, while not long enough to turn me into a total hardbody, is all I need to get reasonably toned up and lose a few pounds.

  • I’ll set aside time: during the half-hour between getting the big kids off to school and getting the little ones up, I’ll work out.
  • I’ll have a plan: Depending on weather, I’ll either run outside or do one of the 20-minute exercise shows available On Demand.
  • I’ll make a commitment: This is the harder part. I really don’t like to exercise. But I feel so much better when I do! So how do I turn this into something I want to do, rather than just something I think I “should”? I’m thinking hooking up with a few other people for motivation and accountability is the answer.

Anyone else feeling a little doughy and want to form an early-morning workout club? Or do you have another focus for this week’s Mindful Monday? Please share, and remember if you’d like to post the badge on your blog, there’s a piece of code you can grab on the Mindful Mondays page.

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