Mindful Monday: Work now so I can play during the holiday

Around this time last year, my working pace started to slow wayyy down. After a fast-paced fall that included blogging a lot more frequently, writing freelance articles and finishing two books, I felt my brain start to go fuzzy around Thanksgiving…and it never really recovered until January, leading me to declare a blogging break just before Christmas. Even before my official break I’d pulled way back on many of my obligations, due to my desire to spend the holiday season, as I put it last year, “staring at twinkle lights, sipping cocoa, and listening to Bing.”

So that’s what I did. And it was awesome. Quiet, relaxed, and soul-recharging, filled with scented candles and yummy baked goods and holiday music and time with friends and family.

I want that slow, sacred time again this year, and that’s what’s fueling my Mindful Monday intention for this week and next:

WHO: All of us.

WHAT: Get all our ducks in a row so we can enjoy the holidays!

WHY: This year I’ve got some standing commitments that won’t allow me to completely check out in December, but I’m definitely planning to take a tip from last year and scale my work load way back between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, particularly from about the 18th of December on. There’s a lot of work and planning I can do ahead of time that will make that much more possible and lead to a much merrier – and less hurried – Christmas season.

HOW: There’s a lot to do, so I’ll be blogging about this intention for two weeks. This week is going to be all about taking a hard look at my schedule and creating detailed work plans that will allow me to move as much off my plate as possible. No procrastinating! I’ll also be taking a close look at the boys’ school and activity calendars to make sure we’re prepared for upcoming performances and events, since nothing ruins a good cocoa-sipping Bing binge like having to run out to the department store in the middle of December to pick up the dress slacks you forgot your son would need for his orchestra concert. (I speak from experience on this one.) I’m also hoping to finish up our kitchen this week and next and take care of a few other home-related projects so that when the family descends upon us for the holidays, we’ll be ready!

Are you planning ahead now so you can enjoy your holiday season more? What’s your Mindful Monday intention for the week?

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