Back to You: make a call you’ve been putting off

make a phone call you've been putting off

This is actually a gently edited post I originally published during the mini-resolutions series I wrote around last New Year’s. But it’s one of those topics that never gets stale, and I know I could use the reminder! Enjoy and put it to good use.

Is there a phone call weighing heavy on your mind right now?

You know the one. The appointment you need to make to get your hair cut, or your teeth cleaned. Or the voice mail you need to return from an estranged relative or the library (yes, it’s time to admit that book is hopelessly lost.) The calls we avoid have a way of blowing up into A Thing, and what once might have only required a quick thirty-second call to take care of starts to seem like a huge ordeal.

This is a recurring pattern with me. Truthfully I dislike the phone and avoid answering it when I can, which means I have far too many voice mails to deal with at any given time. And placing calls is even worse. The messages and “should calls” add up and I waste precious energy worrying about how I haven’t done something that would have been really easy to do. Even easier these days, since we don’t have the excuse of having to find the phone book.

Have you had this experience? If so, let’s all vow to make a call – any call that’s been weighing on your mind or taking up valuable space in your brain. The last time I challenged myself this way, I finally made a very long-overdue call to get a physical checkup. This time I’m scheduling a glaucoma screen (runs in the family and the optician has been telling me to do this for years…). I’m hoping that call will create some momentum so I can knock a few more off the list. Our new puppy really needs a haircut, for one.

Is there a phone call you’ve been putting off? I think most of us have at least one. Why not tackle it today? 

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