#IWasSoTired – Share your sleepless stories for a chance to win $1000 in prizes!

I’ve written about sleep here enough that you guys all know how I feel about it, right?

If not, here’s the short version: Get sleep. Get it however you have to. 

8-10 hours of quality sleep at night are vital to my well-being, ability to focus, and general likableness as a human being. Sure, there’s the occasional night I stay up too late and get 5-6 hours or less, and I can manage that way for one or two nights in a row. Any more than that, though, and things start quickly falling apart. 


Of course, getting enough sleep isn’t always just a matter of choice. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we simply have a hard time falling asleep, and I’ve noticed that one bout of sleeplessness can sometimes seem to kick off a downward spiral into night after night of staring at the clock, counting down the hours until the alarm goes off. Pretty soon you find yourself walking around in a fog, unable to concentrate on simple tasks and unreasonably irritated over the dumbest things.

Sound familiar? I think we all have at least one embarrassing or silly story about something we’ve done because we were just so tired. 

For example:

  • Once I was so tired…I put two contacts in the same eye. Then I thought I’d dropped the “missing” contact and spent several minutes looking around on the floor for it (half blind, of course.)
  • Once, I was so tired…I couldn’t remember my oldest son’s name. I don’t mean I had a temporary lapse or called him by his brother’s name; I mean I stared at him, blinking in confusion, for a full ten seconds without being able to come up with it. “Uh….Jacob?” he finally offered. I thanked him, apologized, and went right to bed.
  • Once, I was so tired…I started driving to the grocery store and wound up at my brother’s house instead. Luckily I figured out what I was doing and drove away before he saw me sitting in confusion in his driveway. I hope

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