Is all clutter bad? (My stray sock pile, and a case for embracing some disorder as part of life)

I love order. Something about having everything tidy and in its place gives me a sense of calm and peace, and actually makes me more functional.


Living in a house with 7 people, it’s impossible to completely control the flow of “stuff” around our house. Dishes end up in the wrong cupboard. Toothbrushes idle on the sink. A sock may wind up balled up in a shoe, where it will be temporarily separated from its partner.

It’s those pesky transient socks that are the topic of my latest post for Babble, in which I embrace a new – and rather unfashionable – philosophy: Clutter is Life.

From the post:

But human beings, especially small, immature human beings, naturally leave a wave of stuff in their wake. We do what we can to stay a step ahead, but when we fight reality and try to perfectly rid our homes of all those minor “not quite sure what to do with this” piles (or beat ourselves up over their existence), we get in the way of our own sanity and actually make it more difficult to keep up with important things that need to be systemically organized (like medical records, financial paperwork or legal documents, for example.)

Please read the rest of the post and let me know – have you decided to accept, even embrace, a “perpetual sock pile” of your own?

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