Introducing Back To You: an autumn life reboot for moms

Tonight is our elementary school’s annual Ice Cream Social, which signals the official beginning of back-to-school season. My kids go back on Tuesday – later than many because Michigan law requires schools to wait until after Labor Day to start up again. Many of you have kids who are already back. And some of you have small kids, or kids who don’t follow a traditional school schedule.

But no matter what your personal situation, no doubt you’re affected by the back-to-school buzz in some way.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been taking a semi-blogging break over the past two months, running a lot of recycled material and letting go of some regular weekly series as I’ve been enjoying time with friends and family.

The result? I’ve become as slow and flabby (figuratively and literally) as that round, lazy fly buzzing around a juicy slice of watermelon.

I’ve had a fabulous, relaxing and fun summer vacation, no doubt (and I fully intend to keep up the lazy pace through Monday.) But come next week, I’m ready – more than ready – to get my life back on track. Anyone else with me on that?

To celebrate the back-to-school season and help make it as successful, fun and low-stress as possible, my blogging buddy and Happiest Mom contributor Jessica Ashley and I are teaming up to bring you Back to You: a month-long series that will bring you easy, quick and totally doable activities to help you take care of yourself this back-to-school season. We’ll cover everything from getting organized, to making over your morning, to overhauling your skin-care regimen, along with fun giveaways and challenges to inspire you.

At a time of year when many moms are gearing up for a fall full of busy-ness, let’s not forget to take good care of ourselves as we care for our families. I’m really excited about this series and hope you’ll join in!

While you wait:

Can’t wait to get started – we officially kick off on Tuesday, September 4. See you next week!

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