How to be happier in the bedroom

finding satisfaction in the bedroom

NOT my bed.

Nope, this isn’t THAT kind of post. If you’ve been reading long, you’ve probably figured out that I’m too bashful to talk about my, err, S-E-X life in public. No, this is a post about the room I sleep in. The one that does the job, but doesn’t exactly knock me off my feet.

My latest post at Babble is all about my dissatisfaction with my bedroom, and how I’m trying to get over it so I can find more contentment in the home I have (instead of dreaming about the master suite in some mythical house I may never live in.)

From the post:

However, love it or not, this is going to be my bedroom for now and the foreseeable future. And while I’ve been sitting here trying to avoid my problems in the bedroom by getting lost in house porn and other forms of escapism, I’ve realized there a few things I’ve been doing that are NOT helping me embrace my home the way it is.

You know, things like scouring local real-estate listings and drooling over the bedrooms in houses I could never afford anyway, or watching shows with titles like “I Despise My Bedroom!”

Can anyone relate? I’d love for you to read my post and let me know what you think.

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