Free-Range Kids?

Speaking of being your own expert, I’ve been writing for some time about my desire to give my kids more freedom than seems socially acceptable–and how hard it can be to buck the parental trend and appear–gasp!–irresponsible.

So I was glad to see Lenore Skenazy’s book, Free-Range Kids, is finally available. I blogged my take on the Lenore Skenazy/Free-Range Kids topic today at Chicago Moms Blog. From the post:

You may not agree with all of her views, and you might think it paints an overly-rosy view of childhood and safety today. But I’m glad Skenazy took all that heat for her son’s jaunt onto the subway, because at least it’s opening some discussion, and the discussion has been enlightening: oh my goodness, there are other people who feel the same way I do!

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