Fall Cleaning Challenge Week 4: Catch Up!

Fall Cleaning Challenge

How is the fall cleaning challenge going in your house? If you haven’t quite kept up with the pace – of if you’ve just joined us – this post is for you! We’re visiting family in Florida this week (where it’s gorgeous and sunny – don’t hate me) so, since I won’t be home to do much cleaning, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to hit “pause” and give everyone a chance to catch up.

So if you’ve fallen behind – or never got started to begin with! – here’s your opportunity to look at the first three “zones” and dive in:

Zone 1: Up High

  • Clean all ceiling light fixtures and fan blades
  • Wipe down the tops of door frames, window frames and high windowsills
  • Dust tops of high furniture and artwork/framed photos
  • Vacuum cobwebs in ceiling corners
  • Dust blinds 

If you missed it, find out my favorite gentle household cleaners in this post.

Zone 2: Middle Spaces

  • Clean windows
  • Vacuum window wells and cleaning sills 
  • Dust furniture, TVs, lamps, electronics, and book shelves
  • Wipe down dirty spots on walls and door frames

For a detailed list of supplies for Zone 2, be sure to click through to the post.

Zone 3: Down Low

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Steam clean high traffic carpet areas
  • Mop wood or laminate flooring and bathrooms
  • Steam mop kitchen floors

Be sure to click through to the Zone 3 post for my favorite floor cleaning products.

I’ll be back next week with Zone 4 and a wrap-up!

What’s on your cleaning checklist this week? Any tips or stories to share from your fall cleaning experience?

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