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embroidery flower

This week I accomplished something that I’d been putting off for a decade and a half: I actually started an embroidery project. Pictured above is my first big achievement – a completed flower that incorporates two or three different kind of stitches.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that I did one of the stitches completely backward and it’s kind of a mess if you look closely, but the important thing is that I’m actually doing it, after spending my girlhood admiring my mom’s embroidery and then my young adulthood carrying around her supplies and wishing I knew how to use them.

It feels meaningful, then, that next week will mark fourteen years since my mother died. Every year the date sneaks up on me – Jacob’s birthday (today!) is just two days earlier, and I’m not big on commemorating dates to begin with – but I definitely always find myself thinking of my mom at this time of year.

Plus, late fall was just a very Mom time of year: she loved the colors, the crunchy leaves, the crisp air and baking smells. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’ve always loved it, too.

This week, as I cuddled up on the sofa with Clara (who’s working a child’s needlepoint kit) and worked valiantly to thread my needle, I thought about the tins of my mother’s embroidery supplies that I’ve carried with me from house to house for nearly a decade and a half (and may now have the skills to use!)

I thought about Clara and I curled up on the sofa stitching, and hoped she’d remember it one day, maybe 50 years from now.

And then I thought about the wistful look I’ve seen so many women get, even older women, grandmothers themselves, when talking about how much they miss their moms – whether they recently passed or are long gone.

People never stop missing their mothers. Not perfect mothers, not award-winning mothers, just mothers. Like all of us.

What a legacy we leave our children, fellow moms. Let’s not ever forget how important we are, just by being ourselves and being around. 

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