Ease back into family life with welcoming after-school rituals

Welcoming family rituals

Whether your work is at home or you go to an office every day, the after-school or after-daycare rush can be overwhelming. You’ve spent the better part of the day with no kids, or at least fewer kids, and suddenly they burst through the door or fill up your car, bringing a rush of energy and papers to fill out and requests (and likely, hungry bellies.)

I’ve found that the way I approach the transition between the school day and after-school day can make a big difference in how smoothly, calmly and happily my evening goes. Whether it’s a shared snack, a few minutes to look over schoolwork or just a smile and a big hug, treating those minutes with intention (rather than muttering “hello” from the laptop, yes, I’ve been guilty!) is not only a great way to welcome the kids home, but also to set the stage for a happy evening for Mom.

My latest Goldfish Smiles post is all about those afternoon rituals and how it just takes a few minutes of intentional re-connecting to help the rest of the afternoon and evening go smoothly:

I take a few minutes to help them unpack their folders and empty lunch boxes, look over papers and sign forms, and plan out our evenings. The little ritual helps us all feel calmer, more connected and a lot happier when they run off to play or hang out with friends, and I get back to the business of being a grown-up.

I’d love to hear about your after-school or after-daycare rituals. Please read the whole post and leave a comment!

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