Confessions of a scrapbooking dropout…

Today on my Babble blog, I’m sharing the story of how I went from scrapbooking wannabe to embracing the digital age:

…I didn’t give up on scrapbooking by hand for years. I even signed on as a consultant for a major scrapbooking direct sales company when my two oldest kids were small. I attended all-day scrapping workshops, invested a small fortune in pens, punches, and stickers, and worked my shoulder muscles into hard knots.

…I think somewhere down deep, I really believed that scrapbooking time-intensive, crafty, sticker-and-stamp-covered pages was just something that good moms do.

…As a mom, I’m all about doing what works. And what works for me is getting my old photos out of boxes, getting my newer ones off my hard drive, and getting those adorable pictures in front of the people who want to see them…in whatever way is the easiest and most fun.

READ MORE about my defection from the by-hand scrapbooking movement on Babble!

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