Sunday Morning Coffee: Our Favorite Posts of 2013

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m sitting in for Meagan in the Sunday morning spot this week, and you know what that means: it’s coffee, not tea. No matter what you’re drinking, I hope you enjoy a little reflection on the past year here at The Happiest Home. -Sarah

Meagan Francis, Sarah Powers, The Happiest Home

In 2014 Meagan and I resolve to have our photo taken together – as in, actually in the same place at the same time, no photoshopping necessary!

I know many of us are looking forward these days – to a new year that is all of a sudden practically here – but I had the chance over the last week to look back at the posts we’ve shared with you here on the blog in 2103.

As an editor I’m usually focused on what’s coming up, so this process of retrospection was an interesting change. I re-discovered posts I’d nearly forgotten about and read many of your comments for the second time. And while my plan for today was to pick my favorite posts from the year and share a kind of “Best Of 2013” roundup with you, I instead found myself stringing together a bigger story, a kind of bloggy narrative, from the last twelve months.

Back in April when we relaunched the site as The Happiest Home, Meagan came up with this tagline: the art of sane and satisfying family life. And as I looked back at the year those two words, sane and satisfying, are the concepts that really defined our posts. So I thought I’d share some of our favorites from the year, loosely categorized under these two ideas. 


To us, “sane” means doing things in a way that makes sense for you, your family, and your circumstances, without attachment to a “perfect” ideal. We share our “sane” approaches to everything from birthday parties to summer bucket lists. Here are my favorite posts on staying sane:

For the mom who hates the swings.
Think better, not perfect: take baby steps out of a Mom Funk.
Dear Moms: Let’s do away with the “Dear Mom…” Facebook vent
You don’t have to find your parenting path. You’re already on it.


When we talk about “satisfying” we don’t mean that motherhood and family life are rosy all the time; instead, we look at ways to intentionally cultivate contentment, develop positive habits around self-care, and nurture the relationships that fulfill us. Here are some posts to inspire you in this area:

Live in the moment. But think a little further down the road.
I let myself feel stupid and it made me smarter.
Monsters in the night and the power of a mother
You can design a life you love.
Everything I know about creativity I learned from washing dishes.

Wishing you a sane and satisfying year ahead, and thank you so much for being a part of this community with us.

PS: Meagan and I have been quiet here on the blog and on our Facebook page over the holidays, but there are some really exciting things in the works behind the scenes. The best way to make sure you stay connected to us is to subscribe to the blog by email. You can do that right here

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