Back to You: Dump 1000 emails in 10 minutes.

Ever feel like you’re drowning in email? Who hasn’t? Today’s excellently helpful post is written by my good friend and Back To You partner Jessica Ashley. Read the excerpt, then click over to her site to see the whole post!

Last week, I peered over the Not Boyfriend’s shoulder while he typed away at his computer to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, when I saw a flash of words I’d never seen before. I gasped.

“Your inbox has 0 messages.”

What in the hell? That can happen?

That’s, like, a real place for your 14 forwarded email addresses to be? There is a Zen, a centered and still place where messages don’t settle in to live out their days, where there resides no tips for melting fat from Prevention magazine nor variations on Groupon nor forwards from your mother’s best friend with the dancing old lady cartoon and 76 safety tips should you ever be pulled over by a cop on a deserted highway at night?

What I saw on his pale, gaunt and empty screen was heaven, like Xanadu or unicorn town or a shoe shop where everything is marked 100% off. I didn’t think it existed and yet, there it was. An empty inbox.

At that very moment, there were 21,735 emails living in the cramped quarters of my Gmail account. [READ MORE]

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