Back to You: Clean out your car clutter

car clutter

Today we wrap up Back to You with a great post from Jessica on a topic that I can definitely relate to: how to make your car less disgusting.

I have a friend whose car is pristine. The dash is always shiny, the windshield is free of smashed stuffs and last fall’s leaves, the rugs in the wheel wells look new. It’s astounding and admirable, and oh, how I want my car to look like that.

Need I clarify that my friend with the car Martha Stewart would be sated to be chauffered in is not a mother?

Chances are, you will still be able to find a snack’s-worth of half-granola bars and Ritz crackers in my car. But you will actually have a place to sit, tuck your purse and rest your to-go cup of coffee. It’s not pristine but it doesn’t look like we’ve been living in it for a month on our way to the landfill, either. Here’s what I do (and re-do and re-do) to clean the kid- (and mom-) clutter from my car: (READ THE POST)


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