Back to You: Claim your own quiet space

Today’s stress-reducing, sanity-saving Back To You challenge comes from my Back to You buddy Jessica Ashley. There’s also a great pampering giveaway involved in this one, so you’ll definitely want to click over and leave a comment on her fantastic post! 

I don’t think a mother has to teeter on the line of hoarder or be a horrible housekeeper or even leave her husband in order to find a woobie in her own home. In fact, I think having a retreat can keep a mother from being or doing all those things.

Most of us don’t have the privilege of getting a weekly massage or adding on a mom-cave or cleaning out a guest bedroom to turn it into a Zen retreat. But that’s the glory of the unfilled bathtub — it proves our quiet hideaways can be unexpected and kind of uncomfortable.


My bloggy buddy Jessica Ashley and I are presenting on a month-long project called Back To You, helping moms remember to take care of themselves during the busy back-to-school season. Look out for Back To You posts several times a week now through October 4: look for fun giveaways, challenges and do-able activities to get you energized, refreshed and focused for fall.

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