Want a more active, fun, and relaxing summer break? Try this.

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Summer parenting sure isn’t like it was when I was a kid, when my mom would kick us out the door at 9 AM and call us for meals. If you ask me, it’s a lot tougher for parents these days: we’re expected to do more for and with our kids, and for better or worse, the way the culture approaches safety and freedom for kids has changed a lot, too.

I’m a free-range parent at heart but I know that’s not always easy to pull off in today’s world. My latest post for Goldfish Smiles is all about negotiating my desire to let my kids roam free in today’s world.

from the post:

“The way I see it, when kids get enough outdoor play, it leads to happier, more relaxed parents, and happier – and more tired! – kids. The trick is how to make that happen given today’s realities. Here are a few ideas I’m implementing this year…”

Read the whole post, Tips for a Happy Summer, over at my Goldfish Smiles blog, and while you’re there I’d love to hear your ideas for encouraging safe and active outdoor play during summer break!

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