A new month, a new focus…and some thoughts about sponsors

September 1. I mean really, September 1??? It barely seems possible that we are moving firmly into FALL territory – especially considering it’s 90+ degrees and humid here today – but it’s true.

As I did last September, this month I’ll be focusing on an issue that’s a biggie for moms: TIME. And I find that my mind is in much the same place it was when I wrote my first post on the topic nearly a year ago:

Suddenly, I’m facing the happy prospect of having time. Blocks of unfettered hours in which I can do, well, whatever I want. Work, of course. But I could also spend some of it reading. Staring out a window. Exercising. Shopping. Eating. Mindlessly clicking. It’s my time. How do I want to use it?

Since so many of us have kids entering school–maybe for the first time–right now, I figured this would be a great opportunity to talk about TIME. How do you manage it so that it doesn’t slip away? How do you keep social media from overtaking your life? How do you fit in the things you want to do amid the things you need to do? How do you figure out the difference?

It’s so easy to sit down at your computer at 9 AM with big plans for what you want to accomplish, then stand back up at noon with nothing but a stiff butt and vague memories of Twitter conversations. In our day to day lives, it’s easy for your average Tuesday to just seem so ordinary. It’s hard to believe that anything special could happen today, or that it will matter much if you fritter it away. And yet, when you stop to think about it, our entire lives are made up of ordinary days just like this one.

A year later I’m once again thinking about time, and how we use it, value it, prioritize it, and guard it. I can’t wait to revisit this topic with all of you!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors who have made it possible for me to devote so much time and energy to my blog over the last month: Hallmark, Blue Sky, and JCP/American Living, as well as give you a little glimpse into the future. Lately many more sponsorship and spokesperson opportunities have been coming my way, and I want you all to know that I weigh carefully each partnership’s financial benefit to my family against the experience you all have here as readers and the trust and rapport we’ve established. In that light, here are a few things I wanted to let you know:

  • As I work to create a more predictable posting routine here at The Happiest Mom (for my sake as well as yours!), I’ll be publishing most sponsored and brand-oriented posts and giveaways on Fridays and/or Saturdays. That way, whether those posts aren’t your thing or are your favorite thing ever, you’ll know when to expect them.
  • From time to time I will also bring your attention to campaigns that are taking place outside of The Happiest Mom in the hopes that you might want to click over and check them out.
  • I will only partner with brands, products and companies that I really believe in and have a personal connection to. In the case of a newer small business, I may still be getting acquainted with the product but really believe in the business owner’s mission. In the case of an iconic household brand, if I tell you I use a product or shop in a store, I really do! This means turning down opportunities from time to time, but there’s no way I’m going to write here that I use and love Product X unless, in fact, I do.
  • I research the histories of companies carefully before I jump on board with them. That said, sometimes I miss things, and most large companies have at least a few dings on their permanent records. Please understand that just as we all prioritize how we spend our time differently, we all prioritize what we look for in a company differently – and I am usually willing to forgive mistakes as long as a brand takes responsibility and is moving forward in a direction I can get behind (which is pretty much the same policy I have for people.)

Building this blog into a self-sustaining, thriving community has always been my goal, and I can hardly believe how much it’s grown over the last two-and-a-half years. As we move forward, I’ll continue experimenting how to blend the “commercial” and the “content” to strike just the right balance, though I’m sure I’ll make missteps from time to time (please be patient!)

As always, I appreciate your support and am really excited to see what the future brings. Right now, I’m particularly looking forward to digging into this “time” topic with you. So, on that note:

Do you feel like you have “enough” time? What would it mean, to you, to have enough?


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