7 “Stop The Meltdown” Mantras For Moms

A few days ago I posted about heading off those kids-are-driving-me-nuts mom freak-outs, and I gave this tip: when you feel your head filling with steam, take a full ten seconds to just breathe before you react.

I find it helpful to also say something soothing and grounding to myself during that time–repeating it over and over, if needed, until the moment passes. Think of it as a mother’s mantra. A great mantra is something simple, declarative, and inspiring that you can repeat to yourself to help shift your energy and state of mind or remind you of your most deep-down intentions.

Today I thought I’d share some of my heading-off-meltdown mantras:

  • “This is not a big deal.”
  • “This won’t matter tomorrow.”
  • “I choose peace.”
  • “I choose happiness.”
  • “I choose fun.”
  • “There is more than this moment.”
  • “This will pass.”

Have any stress-busting, save-the-day mom mantras you’d like to share?

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