5 Ideas for a Simple “School’s Out!” Party!

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School’s almost out, and around these parts we’re ready to celebrate! But, after a whirlwind month packed with end-of-year activities and assemblies, the last thing I want to do is scour Pinterest for complicated crafts and recipes. My strategy for making “school’s out” parties fun and low-fuss? Keep decor, activities and treats simple, like the season!

Summer’s here, and the living should be easy…so focus on fun that’s easy for you and the kids. Here are 5 ideas for a super low-fuss celebration:

  • Buy plain paper hats at a party store and let the kids decorate with markers or stick-on foam shapes. 
  • Cut 6-12 triangles out of construction paper and let the kids decorate, then punch two holes near the wide part of the triangle. Thread ribbon through the holes, spacing the triangles by a few inches, and voila! You’ve got a simple banner to hang over a doorway.
  • Kids love getting wet, especially when the temperatures are soaring. Fill a bucket with water balloons and let them pelt each other, or simply turn on the sprinkler or hose and turn ’em loose!

hose boys

  • For an easy party favor, wrap toilet-paper tubes (or paper-towel tubes, cut in half) with brightly-colored tissue paper, covering one end completely. Fill with candy, then wrap the tissue paper up over the open end and twist, tying closed with ribbon or a piece of yarn.
  • Focus on no-fuss foods that put the focus on fun. Think hand-held and summery: hot dogs, watermelon on skewers (or just sliced up!), ice-cold lemonade. Want to try something a bit more ambitious? Try your hand at this easier-than-it-looks beach-themed cake: the “water” is simply tinted buttercream frosting, and the sand? A 50-50 mix of vanilla wafer cookies and graham crackers, pulverized in the food processor. (It’s just as realistic up close as it is in the photo!) Clean shells and cake toppers from a party store makes this cake a little extra special. Believe me, if I can pull it off, so can you.

beach cake

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the end of the school year? Any simple ideas for decor, games, crafts or food to share?

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