5 great podcasts to do the dishes by

best podcasts to do the dishes by

I’m in my kitchen a LOT. Besides the bedroom, it’s probably the room I spend the most time in. And honestly, I used to find it pretty boring a lot of the time…until I discovered podcasts.

Now, great podcasts keep me entertained from the time I drizzle olive oil in the pan until the last pot is dried and put away. In fact, I sometimes find myself slowing down the nighttime routine just so I can listen to the end of a great episode.

Here are the podcasts I listen to religiously during my Kitchen Hour:

America’s Test Kitchen Radio – food talk from the editor of Cook’s Illustrated and the hosts of American’s Test Kitchen. Entertaining, educational, and fun – there’s product reviews, cooking advice and always an interesting story about food culture.

The Simple Mom Podcast – love Tsh’s podcast. She always has interesting guests – usually fellow bloggers – and it’s fun to get a peek into their lives. It’s very laid-back, like a conversation between two friends…perfect to listen to while cooking.

The Alton Browncast – If you like nerdy, funny, quirky Alton Brown from the Food Network, you’ll love his new podcast. I’ve been fascinated by his interviews with other personalities from the Food Network and beyond. It really gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be in the business of food: making it, teaching about it, or creating entertaining TV around it. (His most recent episode with Giada DeLaurentiis was MOST EXCELLENT!)

The Dave Ramsey Show – I have been listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show off and on for 16+ years, and although the format and his opinions have stayed the same, I somehow never get tired of listening to people call in and talk about their money, or his opinionated – and yes, often very ummm, direct – advice. And I don’t even follow his plan to a tee – though I can get behind many of its tenets.

I’m actually looking for some new personal finance podcasts to listen to, so please let me know if you know of any great ones.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast – I’ve tried a lot of business-of-blogging podcasts, but Pat Flynn’s is by far my favorite (which is why I asked him to put me on as a guest last spring, and was thrilled when he agreed!) He’s straightforward, friendly, helpful, not at all pushy or sales-y, and truly believes that creating excellent, helpful content is a blogger’s #1 job. If you’re hoping to start an online business of any sort I would highly recommend listening to his show. I never miss an episode.

Speaking of podcasts…I’ll be back with new episodes of The Kitchen Hour Podcast soon, so now is a great time to get caught up. Drop me a line at meaganfrancis at gmail dot com if you have suggestions for guests or topics!

Photo: Carolyn Gagné, Flickr

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