I promised you Shabby Apple, but today it's strawberry jam…

I meant to post more about “mom uniforms” and dresses today…

…but remember that CSA bounty I mentioned on Monday?

My friend Amy (who taught us everything she knows!), my sister-in-law Jenna and I spent all afternoon and evening doing this:











and this…











and though my kitchen may never be the same and I’ll probably be doing dishes for days,  I’m happy to announce that we made twenty-three of these:












Phew! So, after stuffing myself with strawberry shortcake and strawberry-feta-pine-nut salad and sloshing hot strawberry puree all over the stove, I’m heading to bed. My ode to the summer dress, plus a giveaway of a Shabby Apple dress for one of you, will go up Sunday soon…in between emptying and re-loading the dishwasher.

And hey, good news! Between us, Jenna and I made good use of all 16 quarts of strawberries and now have enough jam to get us through until next summer. I’m (almost) looking forward to what this week’s CSA share has in store!

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