Your Thanksgiving Day Podcast Lineup From The Kitchen Hour!

The Kitchen HourJust in time for Thanksgiving cooking, there’s a new podcast this week!

Episode 5: Amy Suardi of Frugal Mama

I’m very excited to bring you a conversation between myself and Amy Suardi, mother of four and author of the blog Frugal Mama. Amy and I talk about Black Friday (or should we call it Black Thursday?), keeping holidays meaningful and low-key, and how to keep gift-giving under control. (I also share my conflict about photo Christmas cards, sharing that I once accidentally melted the faces off my brothers’ kids on their card and then felt guilty about it…)

While you’re busy cooking (or driving or just hanging out), be sure to check out previous episodes of The Kitchen Hour Podcast…

Episode 1: Celebrating moments big & small with Kelle Hampton

While you’re making Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve got the perfect thing to keep you company – a great podcast interview with Kelle Hampton, where we talk about everything from creating celebrations on a dime to making family dinners a little more special, and a lot of other stuff that wasn’t exactly on the agenda. (We’re chatty like that.)

Episode 2: Denise Schipani

Even though on the surface Denise and I might seem different (she’s got a reputation for being a mean mom while I’m all about the happy mom angle), in reality, we have a lot in common: we both love our kids like crazy, treasure family time, and gladly assume a role of authority in our homes.

So what does it really mean to be a “mean mom”, and how can it actually be good for kids? How can we learn to embrace the word “no”? And how can we move past the idea that we’re too busy and distracted to set limits and create family traditions?

In Episode 2 of The Kitchen Hour podcast, Denise and I discuss all of the above and much more.

Episode 3: Creating a Happier Home with Gretchen Rubin

This time I chat with Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Happier At Home. I just loved hearing Gretchen’s insights on knowing yourself and carving out time and space for family and home. If you’re planning to spend some time in the kitchen this evening, I hope you’ll tune in to the podcast and let Gretchen and I keep you company.

Episode 4: Melissa d’Arabian from the Food Network

In the podcast Melissa and I chat about:

  • Saving money at the grocery store
  • Reducing waste in the kitchen
  • How Melissa’s life literally changed overnight after winning The Next Food Network Star – and what that means for her as a mom of four young daughters
  • Time management and how to plan meals, even when life is busy
  • Melissa’s new book, Ten Dollar Dinners

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I hope you have a wonderful day full of things to be thankful for!

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