Wise Words Wednesday – more Anne

Tonight was our back-to-school “ice cream social” night, where my soon-to-be kindergartener met his teacher for the first time while my second-oldest son went off with his dad to tour the middle school. Afterward, we hung out on the playground of the elementary school while Clara – now looking so big in a size-3T maxidress – climbed the “big kid” monkey bars like nobody’s business, her recently-bobbed hair curling in the humid late-summer heat. She looked so much like a big girl, just a few years away from starting school. My son, the kindergartener, is a big boy.  A school-goer, a bus-rider, a backpack-wearer. Big, heavy, proud-but-sad sigh.

So when I stumbled across this particular quote from Anne Shirley-turned-Blythe from Anne of Ingleside, it felt particularly relevant:

“Anne smiled and signed. The seasons that seemed so long to Baby Rilla were beginning to pass all too quickly for her. Another summer was ended, lighted out of life by the ageless gold of Lombardy torches. Soon…all too soon…the children of Ingleside would be children no longer. But they were still hers…hers to welcome when they came home at night…hers to fill life with wonder and delight…hers to love, and cheer and scold…a little.”

Ah, it goes so fast; faster every year. But, I keep hoping, the best is yet to come.

In the comments to last week’s inaguaral Wise Words Wednesday post featuring a quote from Anne of Avonlea, Ana said:

“Anne…  has always epitomized my idea of the “ideal mother and wife” that I long to be—present, understanding, fun, a little quirky, handling difficulty and tragedy with grace, and still apparently looking great after all those kids!”

Oh my gosh, me too. I’m midway through Anne of Ingleside now – the first book in the series that portrays Anne as a mother of many (though they were written out of order, which may be why you can’t get Anne of Ingleside on Kindle, boo!) and remembering why I so took to the books about “mother Anne” when I first got to them soon after having kids. She really is a great mother – takes her children seriously (but not too seriously), knows when to intervene and when to stand back, and just seems to enjoy her children and her life and her home so much. In light of our discussion yesterday about inspiring mom blogs, I’m wondering if Anne Blythe was author L.M. Montgomery’s fantasy of the Ideal Mother, or perhaps (as the book was written well after she’d raised her own children and just a few years before her death) her memories of all the best parts of herself as a mother. What do you think?

Do you have any wise words or inspiring quotes to share this week?

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