Whirlpool’s White Ice collection: finally a brand embraces WHITE appliances!

Whirlpool - White Ice

This week I’m writing live from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which I’m attending as a blog correspondent for the Whirlpool brand.

I need to make a confession. I am just.so.tired. of stainless steel appliances.

Not the appliances themselves, mind you. I think stainless is a very nice look and when we remodeled our kitchen we were thrilled to get a gently used stainless kitchen suite at a great price.

What I’m tired of is the expectation that everyone should have stainless – that it’s the only acceptable appliance color and that anybody who’s anyone has stainless and that, essentially, stainless is “the look” we should all emulate.

I’m tired of watching home-renovation and real-estate shows and hearing a chorus of “But it’s not staaaaaiinless!” in otherwise beautiful kitchens.

Listen, house hunters on House Hunters: there is life beyond stainless. 

I love white appliances. When we first bought our house, the kitchen appliances were all white, and I loved how classic, warm and inviting the room felt. Unfortunately, the appliances were also older than the hills. Within a year our oven gave out and soon after, the fridge went on the fritz.

That’s when I discovered that finding beautiful new white appliances is not always easy. Yes, pretty much all the major manufacturers offer some white options, but they often feel like sort of an afterthought and they tend to look like the low-end starter appliances you’d find in a college kid’s first apartment. I wanted something a little more upscale, with new features, that proudly embraced that white instead of seeming to apologize for it.

Whirlpool has changed all that with this new collection. It’s seriously gorgeous and a nice mix of classic, glossy white with modern stainless touches – in fact, it looks kind of like an iPhone, don’t you think?

White Ice CollectionI’m really not surprised that these appliances were featured in House Beautiful’s 2012 “Kitchen Of The Year”!

But beyond just being pretty, the White Ice collection offers a bunch of time-saving features like the ultra-efficient PowerScrub dishwasher feature and TimeSaver True Convection cooking.

Are you as intrigued as I am by White Ice? Head over to the Whirlpool 2020 CES page to find out more about the collection – and enter to win your own White Ice kitchen suite!

Back to the conference floor, where I’ll be taking lots of pictures and getting information about Whirlpool’s “concept” products to share in a future post. Check back soon for more posts, and in the meantime, let me know what you think of these “new and improved” white appliances!

Disclaimer: my travel expenses for CES and compensation for my time are being provided by Whirlpool Corporation.

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